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Selected work.

I Was Chivalrous To Men For A Week (Thrillist)
The Unfuckables (The New Inquiry)
Lily Allen’s Return To The Pop World (Paper)
This Guy’s Proposal To His Girlfriend Will Make You Laugh… And Cry  (NewYorker.com)
Beware The Manic Pixie Dream Boyfriend (The Cut)
Fuck This Fucking Lawn Water: Five Days on a Juice Cleanse (Jezebel)
Fake Movies, Real Men  (The New York Times, republished online)
Places I’ve Cried or Places Ludacris Claims to Have Had Sex In “What’s Your Fantasy?” (McSweeney’s)
I’m a Self-Made Woman With Class Anxiety (ELLE.com)

Essays featured in:
The Jewish Daughter Diaries: True Stories of Being Loved Too Much By Our Moms
Crush: Writers Reflect On Love, Longing and The Power of Their First Celebrity Crush


Other stuff.

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Vulture recaps
Eastbound & Down
Real Housewives of New Jersey